Comparison Of Joe Sparks And Vergil Tea Cakes

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Joe Sparks and Vergil Tea Cakes: Comparism and Contrast. All over the world, marriage is one of the main things that define a woman’s life. In fact, for women, marriage goes a long way to determine much in their lives, including happiness, overall quality of life, whether or not they are able to set and achieve their life goals. Some women go into marriages that allow them to follow the paths they have chosen and achieve their goals while for other women, marriage could mean the end of their life goals. For Janie, the lead character in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, who was married twice, first to Joe sparks, and to Vergil Tea Cake, her two marriages to these men greatly affected her happiness, quality of life and the pursuit of her life goals in various ways, based on the personality of each of the men. Although both men were very different from each other, they were also similar in some ways. Joe Sparks, Janie’s First husband in Their Eyes Were Watching God was an ambitious, confident man who became quite successful in achieving his dreams. He became mayor of the town and worked hard to build the town and bring development to it. However, as a husband Joe was controlling and saw Janie as just one more of his…show more content…
Also, rather than receive backlash, nether of the men was held responsible for their actions, rather, they were seen as expressing their manliness. Anne Ganley, citing gender as one of the causes of domestic violence states that “men are socialized to take control and to use physical force when necessary to maintain dominance” (Ganley). This was why the violence which Janie suffered at the hands of both men, was seen as excusable and acceptable not just to the townspeople and migrants but, in part, by Janie

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