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“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.” (Bronte, Jane Eyre). This quote expresses Charlotte’s beliefs on women’s equalities. Charlotte Bronte was born in 1816. She was one of six children and lived in Yorkshire County England. She first worked as a governess in the Sidewick family then in the White family for only nine months. Charlotte wanted more for herself, and none of her jobs satisfied her ambitions. When she moved back home, she discovered her sister, Emily’s, poetry and decided to publish a selection of the poems all three sisters wrote. Some of this poetry is called: “Apostasy”, “Life”, and “The Teacher’s Monologue” (Charlotte Bronte: A Brief Biography). After this Charlotte knew she would write for the rest of her life.

Jane Eyre was the first novel of Charlotte’s and was published in 1847. She thought this book would have an enormous impact on society’s views. Charlotte disguised her identity so the publisher would think she was a male. With people thinking it was a male author; the novel became a success and was very popular. When her true name was revealed, the ratings went down because this novel challenged conventional thinking.

Although the public found out Charlotte was a female, Jane Eyre had already made an impact on society. No one believed a woman could write such a history making novel. “An eminent contemporary, indeed, has employed the sharp vivacity of a female pen to prove upon irresistible evidence that Jane Eyre must be the work of a man.” (Shirley p. 49). Other critics from The Times said, “With all its faults Jane Eyre was a remarkable production.”(Shirley p. 47). Charlotte’s novel influenced all, “man or woman, young or old, be that as it may, no ...

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...n to care about Jane. Throughout the novel Jane learns to gain love without sacrificing and harming herself in the process (sparknotes.com Love Versus Autonomy). She finally believes she is worthy of love and her quest comes to a happy end.

Although Jane Eyre is considered a classic, I was not impressed. I believe most of this novel was bland except for the part with Bertha. She made this novel a lot more appealing. Bertha is the main conflict and added more thrill to the book. In my opinion Jane Eyre might have been enticing in the late 1800’s, but not in modern days.

As an author of the time, Charlotte Bronte made an impact. She affected the way women authors wrote, she opened the door for change, and this is why Jane Eyre is a classic. With this novel, Charlotte made a lasting contribution to our literature today and began a change in the perception of women.

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