Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo. The year Jackie was born was 1919 to a family of farmers. His Mother name is Mallie Robinson. She raised Jackie and four other of her children. They were the only black family around and people gave them a hard time about living around them since they were the only black family on the block. Jackie was the very first black baseball player ever to join the white man’s league.
Jackie Robinson started playing baseball in 1947. He was the first player who played in the black man league and joined the white man team. He was used to playing in the Negro League and the style of play; it was a hard transition for Jackie to get used to the white man league. Jackie was the main symbol of hope to millions of people. He was with the dodgers and had the number forty two. He won most of his games being on base and doing his Negro style of playing. Jackie won six pennants in 10 seasons of playing baseball. He stole home 19 times with his trickery of running the bases. He was named MVP in 1949. Jackie led the league hitting 342 and stole 37 times while hitting 124 runs.
Jackie Robison was grown up by his mother and didn’t have much help being taught a sport. He learned almost everything on his own. He was the first African-American player to ever get 4 varsity letters in UCLA College. Jackie played four different sports. Jackie played baseball, basketball, football, and track. In 1949 Jackie was All-American on his football team. He had many difficulties playing sports; He was forced to join the U.S. Army. After of serving two years in the military he eventually left the service with honorable discharge.
Jackie played one season in 1945 for the Negro Baseball League. He traveled all of U.S. with the Kans...

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Jackie Robinson after baseball became active in the business industry. Jackie started to work at and executive chock Full O’Nuts coffee company and restaurant chain, and helped the African American-owned controlled freedom Bank. He has helped the board of the NAACP until 1967 and Jackie Robinson was the first African American to be introduced into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Jackie Robinson retired his uniform number 42 so no other player can ever wear the number 42.
Jackie Robinson was the first African American to join the MLB. He Played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. To this day, every player in the MLB, on every team each player wears the number 42 to represent Jackie Robinson. Jackie gave people hope and inspiration to follow your dreams no matter what your obstacles are in your way. People look up to Jackie Robinson as a role model.

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