Jack And Jill's Abortion

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To begin with, Jack and Jill, a newly married couple have had a horrible encounter. Jill, walking to her car one night, she was attacked and raped, and shortly thereafter, finds that she is pregnant. Already dealing with the fact that something so crazy could’ve happened, Jack and Jill now find themselves puzzled with the question of Jill’s unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. While Jill isn’t sure that she can deal with the stress of bringing the pregnancy to term, she has always believed that life begins at conception and isn’t sure that abortion would be the right choice for her to make. Jack is more adamantly opposed to Jill carrying the pregnancy to term, for every reminder of Jill’s pregnancy also reminds him of her attacker. Jack wants Jill to have an abortion. Although Jack and Jill have talked at length about their options, they have been unable to make a decision.
In this essay, I will quote and suggest what both authors Don Marquis and Mary Anne Warren, would do in this situation and what advice would be given to both Jack and Jill from the two. I will also include my own suggestions as to what I
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Mary Anne Warren, a professor emeritus of philosophy at San Francisco State University, would encourage Jack’s thoughts and feelings about Jill getting an abortion. In her essay, ‘On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion” she states that a fetus is in fact, not w person. In these special circumstances that Jack and Jill are in, Mary Anne Warren would reassure Jack that he is not wrong for feeling the way he feels about wanting Jill to abort the fetus before she gets too attached to the child. Warren would also inform Jack that ultimately, it is Jill’s decision to do what she wants with her body as she pleases. She would say this to Jack because Warren is also a women’s rights activist and she wouldn’t want him to pressure Jill into something she has complete say-so

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