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Working in a group can be a very challenging task. However if everyone in the group has the same end goal it can also be quite easy. Though group projects can be easy, they can quickly become stressful when things get hard. Whether it is decision making, conflicts, scheduling conflicts or overall participation conflicts, there will always be adversities that arise within a group and their project. Therefore, given my recent experience with my group, I can definitely state that group projects have their difficulties but if everyone is willing to make an effort to be engaged, the experience can be great exposure to valuable lifelong skills. When working with my group things started off simple but eventually became challenging when it came …show more content…

I began realizing that depression is a big issue amongst college campuses all across the United States. This was very eye opening and it made me want to take action even more. I wanted to be a part of making a difference here on our own campus. I was very passionate of informing our peers and raising awareness for the cause. Depression is a very egregious mental health issue that can be prevented and overcome through a multitude of ways. As a group we wanted to make sure that UNI students understood and were aware of the number of resources and student health services available to them in case they are ever faces with this mental health illness or were aware of a friend or colleague in need of help. For this reason, I learned that depression should be taken lightly amongst our college campuses and I learned that one should always be aware of the steps to take when facing …show more content…

Therefore, we were all very engaged in the project because we all had to same end goal, which was to praise awareness and to lead those suffering to get the help they need. I believe that our group function very well together. Everyone was engaged and did what they needed to get done at the best of their abilities. When members from our group has questions, they were quick to ask the entire group through a group chat that was made at the very beginning of the project. In addition, everyone was very flexible with his or her time. Whenever we needed to decide on when and where to meet, everyone would always make time to meet in order to get things done. During our group meetings, everybody was engaged and constantly giving ideas and trying to help in any way possible. Though we were not a perfect group, we managed to stay on top of due dates and our assigned tasks. Therefore, the components of our group contract were never once violated because everyone did their part by participating, attending group meetings, and having their tasks completed and ready to go. Overall because we all had the same end goal and we were all engaged, I believe our group

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