Islam as the Fastest Growing Religion in the World

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Islam as the Fastest Growing Religion in the World [1] Shahid Athar, an American physician and devout Muslim said of Islam as a minority faith in the USA, "Although there is no restriction on the practise of Islam in this country, the environment is not always as favourable to new faiths as it may seem." Athar wrote this in an article called 'Reflections of an American Muslim', in the article, he writes about the problems he faces being a Muslim living in a multicultural society. Athar mentions various issues that he comes across in day to day life that he finds difficult to overcome whilst remaining a pious Muslim. Whilst there are many issues that a Muslim may be faced with when living in a multicultural society, it would be very difficult to identify all of them. During this assignment, which concentrates on the issues a Muslim faces when living in a multicultural society (In the west.) I have chosen to look at the most prominent issues that are identified by Muslims and the most documented, by scholars, such as W. H. Siddiqui and Akbar S. Ahmed. These issues tend to have the greatest effect on second generation Muslims who live in the west and those who live in more rural areas compared to the larger cities, where Islam truly is a minority faith. Islam is believed to be the fastest growing religion in the world and as more Muslims emerge, many, who are born in Muslim countries, are choosing to live in the west. (There are also westerners who have converted to Islam and second generation Muslims as well as the children of immig... ... middle of paper ... ... Ibn Baz, Shaykh & Uthameen, Shaykh Message of Islam, 1998 ¨ Islam Watton, Victor. W Hodder & Stoughton, 1983 ¨ 'Reflections of an American Muslim' Athar, M. D Shahid ¨ 'Apartheid Claim Over Islam School' Smithers, Rebecca Guardian Newspaper, February, 2001 ¨ 'Superman comes to 125th street' Muhammad, Conrad Esquire Magazine, 1st November 1998 ¨ 'Exiled from home because I'm a widow' --------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] Akbar S. Ahmed - 'Islam Today' 2 Victor W. Watton - 'Islam' 3 Akbar S. Ahmed - 'Islam Today' 4 Surah 2, Al Baqarah, verse 45 5 Surah 2, Al Baqarah, verse 183-4 6 Surah 2, Al Baqarah, verse115 7 David Waines, 'An Introduction to Islam'

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