Isadora Duncan Dance Legacy

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The start of American Modern dance began in the 20th century as dancers began to pull away from traditional forms of choreographed dance like ballet. One of the founders of this rapidly modernizing dance movement was Isadora Duncan. Isadora Duncan seeked to create dances that were free with out the rigorous or confined movements of ballet. As a result Isadora Duncan formed a dance style that was reflective of her free spirit. She looked for inspiration in classical Greek arts, social dances and nature. In a speech entitled The Dance of the Future she stated that the future of dance would be similar to the dance of the ancient Greek, natural and free. Consequently she developed a dance style based on improvisation and interpretation. Her dance movements consisted of running, rising, falling and skipping all movements that became the foundation of her dance style.
Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco, California in 1877. She was one of four children. Her parents divorced when she was an infant and she was raised by her mother Mary Duncan. Her mother loved to play the piano an...

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