Analysis Of Different Dance Styles By Doris Humphrey And Maud Allen

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710 words

Different Dance Styles by Doris Humphrey and Maud Allen that Presented New Dances that Displayed Innovative Movements.

Analyzing each personal dancer I am detailing the differences of each artist dance styles first starting with, Maud Allen, dance style used impressionism emotions through her movement at the time of her performance telling the story based on her movements and own emotions (Aloff). Based on feelings within that depicted the way she moved within the performance and displayed to the audience watching. Maud Allen was famous for the dance of Salome a story told in biblical text about the beheading of john the Baptist a prophet, captured by Herod because he denounced the right to marry his wife’s name Herodias due to being his half-brothers …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the differences between different dance styles by doris humphrey and maud allen.
  • Explains that doris humphrey and charles weidman had a great effect on the american people with influence to current events within the moment of their time.
  • Analyzes how the difference in style has to do with dancers’ background, childhood, home life, and other contributing factors to define how movement should be expressed in the dance they created.
  • Explains that doris humphrey was born in oak park, il. her parents were well-respected among the local community.
  • Analyzes how doris humphrey and maud allen expressed the equal interest of emotion to the audience through their performance. this similarity of expressing emotion through dance and movement is natural to a person who understands the phycology of what they are trying to get across.

They both where famous for the concept of dancing through the depression to life the spirits of the people in a psychological sense. As well as her own attributes with in the style and movement when performing her artistry. With Doris Humphreys personal love of teaching dance she was one of the first to creatively write the concrete fully articulated chorographic method of modern dance-makers, Humphrey’s 1958 book, The Art of Making Dances, was the first book of its kind and remains an important document for choreographers and dancers today (University of …show more content…

Researching Maud Allen finding her real name is Beulah Maude Durrant born in Toronto, Canada. She changed her name in order redefine herself after her brother was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering two woman. Had been executed for the murders of two young women whose nude bodies had been discovered in the belfry of a church; Allan 's perverted tendencies were encoded in her blood (Aloff). Also later in her career Maud Allen was found in a public libel case against her based on morality during the time of the process of World War I (Aloff). This life experience may have the effect in which she performed within the movements on stage, every experience makes who we are today wither for better or worse. She faced a lot of scrutiny during her career but was pioneering in the sense of originally with expression as an artist.

Doris Humphrey was born in Oak Park IL he parents where well respected among the local community. Her mother was a pianist encouraging her talents to dance, her father was a journalist as well as a onetime hotel manager his lineage followed back to the first settlers from mayflower 1690 (Barzel). She had a well-rounded family defining what was fitting in the American Standard of a woman and entertainer. With My Red Fires,” a portrayal

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