Is Stoic Stirtue Ethics Is Not A Stoic?

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Stoic virtue ethics teaches the individual to develop self control and resilience as methods to overcome possible destructive emotions. A stoic person would be considered one who is unaffected by pleasure or pain, and ultimately indifferent to these feelings. For one to practice virtue ethics they would have to be indifferent to feelings because if you are, then you have self-control. Not all stoic beliefs are as strict as they seem because one can interpret their philosophy be cable of recognizing emotion is something that can be self-controlled. Instead of saying emotion is detrimental in stoic beliefs, one can argue that it is more important in controlling your emotions than have them be a negative aspects all together. Can a homosexual be a stoic, or to what extent is gay marriage…show more content…
The gay man seeks pleasure and one can argue that he is not a stoic because heterosexual relationships are nature because there is no way of reproduction. In a sense stoic philosophy goes against the theories existentialism and creates conflict with homosexuality. The Bible and Qur’an are both against the teachings of the stoics so it does not make a practical argument for the society we live in today. If everyone were to be stoic, our current considerations homosexuality will shift to it being a bad thing because it prevents the expansion of humanity and fails to adhere to the natural basic theories of the stoics. Evolution, in the sense of the stoic demands that we procreate in order to maintain a population. Gay marriage fails to maintain the biological necessity of being a human, and that is to create offspring which cannot physically happen in a gay marriages. The physical aspect of stoic teachings is critical because humans are products of nature, urging individuals to go about life attaining only to natural
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