Salutati And Stoic Ethics

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In this short article I will explain that in what sense did Salutati adopt Stoic ethics according to his letter found in Jill Kraye. Salutati was an Italian humanist and man of letter and he is one of the most known political and cultural leader for Renaissance Florence and he was appointed chancellor of Florence on 1375 until his death , which was on that time one of the most important position in the administration of the republic of Florence. Salutati ethical perspective was much influenced by stoicism doctrine and was based on his reading of the Roman moralists Cicero and Seneca. However he gradually moved toward a Aristotelian's point of view and mainly he interested in the emotions. Salutati become very suspicious about the Stoic claim that complete non emotionality is possible. But for Salutati that more interestingly was Aristotelian belief that emotion needed to be controlled and channelled in proper direction. Rather than exterminated. Salutati began to develop his own idea of Christian Aristotelianism after the death of his beloved son Piero, this intolerable grief has c...

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