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Homosexuality, and alternative sexualities, is a topic within biological psychology that has received widespread media attention in recent years. Many conservative politicians and individuals argue that sexuality, particularly sexual attraction, is a choice, while many gay-rights activists and supporters argue that an individual cannot choose to be gay or straight. The argument that sexual orientation, or attraction to one gender over another, is not a choice suggests that there may be an innate biological cause for human sexual orientation. Research in this area has been approached in many ways, including examination of sexual behavior in other species, brain imaging of homosexual versus heterosexual humans, twin studies, familial studies, gene linkage studies, and self-report of subjective experience. Research in this area of biological psychology has the ability to dismiss controversy and improve the social and cultural human experience of those who identify with an alternative sexuality. Many authors and researchers have explored this topic and developed hypotheses and conclusions about the cause of alternative sexuality, particularly homosexuality.
Jacques Balthazart, in the book, Biology of Homosexuality, examines the historical and cultural context in which homosexuality is expressed and attempts to dissect homosexual behavior and cognition from a biological perspective. He explains that there are behaviors in human sexuality that exhibit greater diversity than the sexual behavior of other animals. This exertion may lead one to conclude that human sexuality, as a result of its biological and emotional components, is more complex than the sexuality of other species. (Balthazart, p.4)
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...lso evaluate the relative contributions of both environmental and biological influences on sexual orientation, operating under the assumption that sexuality is not a result of solely one form of influence. Lastly, future research in this area might become more concerned with human subjects as opposed to animal studies, as we understand and believe that human sexuality is more complex than that of other species. Research in this area may lead to social and cultural change surrounding the rights and freedoms of individuals who identify with an alternative sexual identity or orientation. Some of our most recent political conversations have revolved around marriage rights and equality. Research on the biological and environmental influences on sexuality may provide the necessary clarity to provide all individuals with the same rights that heterosexual individuals enjoy.

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