Is Life Taken For Granted?

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Is Life Taken For Granted?

It was a wet cold night that could only give the impression that something was just not quite right. I was driving in the middle of the forest with a packed car on our way home from the semester’s best party. The roads were slick from the melting snow that had turned to ice. There were four of us total in the car and we were all pretty smashed that night. This was the first night that I had in fact been driving while intoxicated. Sumner in the back seat decided to light up. I myself was never around marijuana until that night.

“Hey man, hurry up and pass it,” Danny anxiously said.

He was the known addict of the group, even though I never witnessed him using until now.

The thickness of the smoke filled the car, and 5 minutes later gave everyone a high, including myself. The windows were sealed shut, confining the smoke in the car. It was chaotic, with everyone singing while the radio was blasting, and the agonizing piercing sound of everyone shouting and laughing. I began to feel paranoid about the given circumstances.

“Turn it up bro, this song rocks! You wanna hit this?” Ian breathlessly asked.

I was caught off guard. I began to break a sweat and feel sick to my stomach. My hands tensed around the steering wheel, as I swallowed hard.

I didn’t know what to say, I found myself being peer pressured for the first time in my life. I began to feel lightheaded and extremely uneasy.

“Gary, you want this or not?” Ian demanded.

My head felt as if it were going to literally float away into the darkness. I kept hearing the faint voice of Ian sitting next to me as everything began to go black. All the frenzied noise was slowly disappearing. The car began to slightly drift to into the left lane, which was the lane for the oncoming traffic. I needed to snap out of this state of shock. I was completely petrified. It was like something had a hold of me, and clutched on so tight that it was taking complete control over me.

“Gary, snap out of it! Watch where you are going!” Ian screamed.

“What’s going on, oh my god we’re going to hit the semi!” shouted Danny.

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