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  • Danny Boy

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    “Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling”1 leaves not a single Irish eye dry once the melody has begun to play. Despite the fact that “Danny Boy” was written in 1910 by the English lawyer, Frederick Edward Weatherly, this folk ballad has become one of Ireland’s most treasured songs. The song’s longevity is due not only to the haunting melody, but also to the expertly penned lyrics which express the longing for a loved one gone away. These lyrics have been morphed and changed to fit each generation

  • Chaim Potok's The Chosen – Rueven and Danny

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    The Chosen – Rueven and Danny In the novel, The Chosen, Chaim Potok successfully captures the strange customs of a Jewish community through wit and satire. Potok's novel focuses on two Jewish boys, who live in a world where their families expect high standards of achievement of them. The wish to become an insightful leader in the Jewish community was an always-predominant custom of the two families. But with hard work and perseverance, the two boys (Rueven and Danny), find out that they really are

  • Analysis Of Oh Danny Boy

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    spent years collecting and recording folk songs throughout the English countryside. The numerous compositions by Grainger are all influenced by folk songs he recorded, transcribed and arranged for many different choral and instrumental ensembles. “Oh Danny Boy” is a cornerstone of Irish tradition as a folk tune that originated from a song known as “London Derry Air”. There are many different opinions of the exact origin of the folk tune; however the most concrete evidence tells us that Irish Tune from

  • Danny Devito Research Paper

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    criteria. Though some may think otherwise, Danny DeVito is a phenomenal actor, who may be considered one of the best in the industry, from his range as an actor, to the sheer number of awards he has won or been nominated for, or even his projects outside of film, he seems to have it all compared to all other actors. The question of who is the best actor is quite the difficult choice, as there are many criteria to account for, such as their range, talent,

  • Danny Elfman's Alice In Wonderland

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    brave and test her limits. The imaginary world is full of obscure creatures and events. “Alice’s Theme” written by Danny Elfman for “Walt Disney Pictures” 2010 film “Alice in Wonderland”, perfectly demonstrates Alice’s journey and the characteristics she possesses. Through the exceptional manipulation of musical elements and the manipulation of the song ‘Alice’s Theme’ during the movie Danny Elfman has represented Alice as being a person that is unsure about her scenario and identity. The different variations

  • Danny Santiago's Famous All Over Town

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    Danny Santiago's Famous All Over Town When I was little I remember driving across country, going to Florida, and past neighborhoods that were anything but mine. They had old houses that looked like they were going to fall down any minute, real trashy looking. In Colorado, my house was nice and always kept up. I sat in the car wondering what kind of people lived in those run down places and what they were like. The answers came to me years later when I read the book, Famous All Over Town, by

  • Music and sculpture as Depicted in Danny Boy and the Pieta

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    between a mother and her child. Every religion, culture, and nation has some form of tradition to express the connection between the two such as the sculpture of the Pieta depicting the bond between the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus; and also the song “Danny Boy”, which can be interpreted as a lament of a mother to her son joining the army. During the Renaissance era one of the greatest sculptures known as The Pieta was created by a young man named Michelangelo Buonarroti. The name “Pieta” is the Italian

  • Famous All Over Town by Danny Santiago

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    individual has times in their life where they feel isolated and alone. When this occurrs a person will search for ways to connect or feel important.. The person will do anything they can to be noticed and appreciated. In the novel, Famous All Over Town, by Danny Santiago the main character, Chato, has many reasons to feel lonely. In almost every aspect of his life he is being let down in one way or another. He has to try to deal with a family on the brink of falling apart, he has to go to a school which doesn't

  • Danny Elfman Research Paper Outline

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    Danny Elfman For my research paper I have chosen to outline the life and career of Danny Elfman. From his start as a street performer, to his days of rock stardom with the band Oingo Boingo, and his composing career in Hollywood teaming up with the likes of Tim Burton, Spielberg, and beyond. Danny Elfman was born in 1953 in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. Elfman is self-taught with no formal training. When Danny was 18 he obtained his first taste

  • Danny Devito's Techniques Used In The Film Matilda

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    What techniques does the director, Danny DeVito, use in the film ‘Matilda’ to illustrate that the character Agatha Trunchbull is evil and malicious. The film ‘Matilda’ directed by Danny DeVito is a 1966 fantasy comedy film about a small girl Matilda. Matilda is a very intelligent child who is neglected by her parents and believed to be ordinary. However, when Matilda begins school we are introduced to the malicious, rude and fierce Ms Trunchbull who is the principle of Cruncham Hall Elementary School

  • Music Analysis: 'Danny Elfman's Nightmare Before Christmas'

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    Sarah Bliss Dr. Pickett Music History IV April 16, 2016 Research Paper Danny Elfman In the world of film music you think of the big name composers; Michael Giancchino, James Horner, Howard Shore, Bernand Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Han Zimmer, John Williams, and, my personal favorite, Danny Elfman. Daniel “Danny” Robert Elfman was born May 29, 1953 in Los Angeles into a Jewish family. His parents, Blossom, a writer and a teacher, and Milton Elfman, who was a teacher in the Air Force , raised him

  • Analysis of Bernard MacLaverty's My Dear Palestrina

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    Analysis of Bernard MacLaverty's My Dear Palestrina My Dear Palestrina’ is a cleverly written short story by Bernard MacLaverty. It is about this young boy called Danny who discovers his musical talent and goes to this piano teacher called Miss Swartz. Their friendship develops and seem to be a formidable partnership until Danny is torn away from his beloved music lessons because of Miss Schwartz private life. Fitted into the story are some important themes that still continue to exist in today’s

  • The Promise by Chaim Potok

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    Michael, is mentally ill, and Reuben seems to be the only person Michael will talk to. Near the end of the summer, Reuben's best friend Danny comes to visit Reuben and the Gordons (Rachel's family) invite Danny over to discuss Michael because Danny is a genius, and he is studying psychology. At the summer's end, Michael is put into the treatment centre at which Danny is working. Reuben becomes friends with Michael's father, Abraham Gordon, a very respected scholar. Unfortunately, his ideas are not

  • Reuven Malters Development In The Chosen

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    scenes from Chaim Potok’s The Chosen is when Reuven goes with Danny Saunders to talk to his father. Danny has a great mind and wants to use it to study psychology, not become a Hasidic tzaddik. The two go into Reb Saunders’ study to explain to him what is going to happen, and before Danny can bring it up, his father does. Reb Saunders explains to the two friends that he already known that Reuven is going to go for his smicha and Danny, who is in line to become the next tzaddik of his people, will

  • Relationships in Potok's The Chosen

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    Beginning with the affluence of Polish Jews before the war, Potok established a circle of relationships. In the book, there are three main relationships. The first one is father-son, between Danny and his father, Reb Saunders and between Reuven and his father, David Malter. The relationship between Reuven and Danny is the second main relationship in The Chosen. The third main relationship is Hasidism verses Zionism. The relationship between the two fathers and the two sons is a very important theme

  • I Love and I Hate. Who Can Tell me Why?

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    whose anti-Semitic views are continually challenged by his Jewish background. The film opens with the quote, “I love and I hate. Who can tell me why?” which sets the stage for the movie’s depiction of Danny Balint, a boy torn between love and hate in almost every aspect of his life. Throughout the film Danny tries to calm this internal (and at times external) quarrel, which causes a great deal of friction for the main character. His life and his choices greatly reflect this struggle. Director Henry Bean

  • The Last Juror

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    the town of Clanton was Rhoda Kassellaw, and Danny Padgett. Rhoda Kassellaw was your average widow, she had two children, and pretty much always kept to herself. Danny Padgett, on the other hand, was a rich man. Danny lived with his parents on top of a mountain, on Padgett Island, off the coast of Mississippi. His family was very rich and very powerful. They were like the Italian Mafia of Mississippi, into smuggling, drugs, ect. One night Danny Padgett broke into Rhoda Kassellaw's house and

  • American History X

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    American History X Derek & Danny’s Turning Point Many factors contribute to decisions we make, often life changing decisions, like we see in “American History X” with brothers Danny and Derek. Both are active skinheads in Venice California, under command of Cameron Alexander a Neo-Nazi leader. Derek and Danny were not raised as racist, but when their father was killed by a black gang member, their views changed. Derek’s turning point for the better was during his time in jail. His brother is headed

  • Modern Versus Traditional Views in Chaim Potok’s The Chosen

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    Saunders's traditional practices. For example, David Malter wants his son, Reuven, to learn English subjects and become a mathematician. However, a Jewish school established by Reb Saunders teaches the minimum required English subjects. Reb wishes for Danny to become a rabbi and carry a tradition in which the oldest son becomes a rabbi and the leader of the sect. These opposing views are carried out in all other aspects of the religious sects in which these men lead. The way in which Reb Saunders

  • The Chosen

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    Malter and Danny Saunders. They are opposites. While Reuven is forward—speaking his mind, Danny Saunders shows a stark contrast—an inflective soul, listening to silence, and growing from it. These characters set the stage for a lasting relationship to form, to be strengthened, and to be stressed. Danny’s father’s name is Reb Saunders. The tzaddik of a small community within close proximity of Reuven’s home, he was born in Russia and later brought his congregation to America. When Danny is speaking