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  • Danny Boy

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    “Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling”1 leaves not a single Irish eye dry once the melody has begun to play. Despite the fact that “Danny Boy” was written in 1910 by the English lawyer, Frederick Edward Weatherly, this folk ballad has become one of Ireland’s most treasured songs. The song’s longevity is due not only to the haunting melody, but also to the expertly penned lyrics which express the longing for a loved one gone away. These lyrics have been morphed and changed to fit each generation

  • Analysis Of Oh Danny Boy

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    spent years collecting and recording folk songs throughout the English countryside. The numerous compositions by Grainger are all influenced by folk songs he recorded, transcribed and arranged for many different choral and instrumental ensembles. “Oh Danny Boy” is a cornerstone of Irish tradition as a folk tune that originated from a song known as “London Derry Air”. There are many different opinions of the exact origin of the folk tune; however the most concrete evidence tells us that Irish Tune from

  • Music and sculpture as Depicted in Danny Boy and the Pieta

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    between a mother and her child. Every religion, culture, and nation has some form of tradition to express the connection between the two such as the sculpture of the Pieta depicting the bond between the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus; and also the song “Danny Boy”, which can be interpreted as a lament of a mother to her son joining the army. During the Renaissance era one of the greatest sculptures known as The Pieta was created by a young man named Michelangelo Buonarroti. The name “Pieta” is the Italian

  • Danny Boy

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    In typical poetic construct, “Danny Boy” remains, at its core, a narrative poem whose main function is to “express interest we as human beings have in other human beings…by telling or attending to these stories”32. Weatherly uses this basic form throughout his four stanzas by expertly placing markers of time like the lines “The summer’s gone, and all of the flowers are dying” and then “But come ye back when summer's in the meadow,/Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow,” in order to portray

  • Danny Boy

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    Although the Irish Republican Army65 was founded in 1913 in order to end Britain’s rule of Ireland66, the organization is probably most known for the bombings on English cities in 1980’s67. These bombings killed about 1,800 people included 600 civilians68 in the name of freedom for the whole island, a freedom that is still heavily debated by both Protestant and Catholic sides of Ireland. The Protestant views the IRA as a terrorist organization intent on ending “Saxon rule69” to an island that was

  • Analysis Of Danny The Woodpecker

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    Danny The Woodpecker [Insert Dannywavinggoodbye04] Yolande Jessamy Front Galley Can you insert as a watermark For James Elliott Fuller May Your Journey Through Life Be A Pleasant One Introducing Danny The Woodpecker and his amazing adventures in search of a good home. He visited different places, saw lots of amazing things, made lots of friends until he finally find a lovely home to stay. The story

  • Danny Boyle's Trainspotting Film

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    Trainspotting is a 1996 Scottish black comedy/drama directed by Danny Boyle based on the novel by Irvine Welsh written in 1993. The screenplay was written by John Hodge and the story of the movie is narrated by Renton (Ewan McGregor). In the movie, the young Scottish heroin addicts commit every crime they possibly can to leave the audience in shock and disbelief. The movie follows a group of heroin addicts, so called “friends” that live in economically depressed Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland

  • The Partridge Family

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    returned to his first love, music, when he was cast as Keith Partridge. Other cast members who played Partridge siblings included Susan Dey, a popular New York fashion model who played Laurie Partridge, and the red headed and freckled Danny Bonaduce who played Danny Partridge and to many people’s surprise actually came from an 100 percent Italian background (The Partridge Family Deluxe Souvenir Album). The youngest partridges as you may know were Chris and Tracy. Chris was first played by Jeremy

  • Marcus Luttrell: IB Learner Profile

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    thoughts were about how his team mates were doing. He did not care much about himself; instead all of his focus was on them. Danny Dietz, a friend of Marcus for four years, died right there in his arms, but he made sure that Danny was not alone and was with God, ““I left him with God”” (266). Although Marcus could have been killed instantly right then he still made certain Danny was at ease, as he was slowly passing away. After this long journey was over wi...

  • Adversity in Life Elicits Unknown Talents and Strength

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    Who we really are, what our real character is only truly elicited when we are challenged, as a proverb states, “In the darkest hour shines the brightest light.” Our true character shines through when we are pushed to our extremes and are placed in situations outside of the norm. Horace claims that when someone is faced with an adversity or a challenge, they are more likely to discover talents that they thought they never had. I agree with his claim that adversity breeds talents and strengthens our