Is Islamophobia a Form of Racism?

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Is Islamophobia a Form of Racism: Islamophobia is a newly coined term that is used to describe the growing fear of Muslims or specific groups that are considered to be associated with Islam. As a new term, the validity of Islamophobia is still a subject of huge debate even as its causes and characteristics are also controversial. This term was coined to refer to the events in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in light of people’s attitudes towards Muslims and those associated with Islam. Actually, after the dust settled following the attacks, a new gesture of nationalism was witnessed across the United States and racism soon followed, which are usually faces to the same coin (Rose, 2013). In light of these developments on the question on whether Islamophobia is a form of racism has generated arguments and counter-arguments in support and opposition to the claim. People who consider Islamophobia as a form of racism have supported their argument through various reasons including the division and exclusion associated with the fear of Muslims. On the contrary, opponents have argued that Islamophobia is not a form of racism because of lack of a clear link between the term and racism as well as the fact that Islam is not a race but religion. An analysis of these arguments and counter-arguments reveals that Islamophobia is a form of racism, particularly cultural racism. Arguments in Support of the Claim: While Islamophobia is not based on overtly biological prejudices, it’s a form of racism because it divides the world on the basis of superior and inferior cultures (Lean, 2012). The division of the globe based on superior and inferior cultures due to Islamophobia is evident in the fact that Western countries, especially the Bri... ... middle of paper ... ...a term that refers to the fear of Muslims, especially after the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States. While it has been widely used, there are numerous debates on whether the phenomenon is a form of racism. Some of the arguments raised to support the claim include the fact that it causes division, involves the use of violence, entails projecting the negative attributes of a few to the entire religion, treatment of Muslims as suspect citizens, and government inaction to prevent and lessen it spread. On the contrary, arguments against this claim include the lack of any link between the concept and racism, Islam is not a race, statistics on stop and searches, and difficulties in determining what makes a racist attack. An analysis of these arguments and counter-arguments reveals that Islamophobia is a form of racism because it primarily involves cultural racism.

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