Investigating IQ Level and Key Stage Two Results

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Investigating IQ Level and Key Stage Two Results

I am going to look at two variables for my data handling

investigation; IQ level and Key Stage two results. I am going to

investigate whether a studentÂ’s level of IQ affects their attainment

grades in their Key stage two tests. For my investigation I will be

using data from Solent high school regarding 11-14 year old pupils.

IQ is the ratio between a personÂ’s mental age (mental attainment based

on the average age of a child at that level) and their chronological

age multiplied by 100, and this produces the average IQ as 100.

MA/CA x 100 = IQ, from this both MA and CA are continuous measures

therefore the resulting IQ will be continuous, yet in normal usage IQ

is always quoted as discrete data..

I am going to add together the results for Maths, English and Science

for all the Key Stage 2 results to give a total Key Stage 2 result.

This will enable me to plot one set of data results instead of 3.I

will then be able to see if there is any correlation between the 2

variables. This is also discrete date as the values are all whole


My first hypotheses I will be testing is:

‘Pupils with a higher IQ level tend to have higher Key Stage 2


The second hypotheses I will be testing:

‘Male students have a higher IQ on average than females’

I think my first hypotheses is true because if a pupil has a higher

level of intelligence it stands to reason that they will be able to

achieve a better grade in their Key Stage two tests.

I think my second hypotheses is true becauseÂ…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…

I will need to collect data about 11-14 year olds including their IQ

levels and their Key stage two results. I will get this data from the

Itchen Intranet about Solent high school. I will then record my data

in a spreadsheet on excel.

The data will be useful because it will give me real data about pupils

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