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  • Growing Old

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    Growing Old (Matthew Arnold) Analysis “What is it to grow old?” Written by Matthew Arnold in 1867 (Flesch, 2009), the poem Growing Old explores the various discourses often associated with aging. At the age of 19, Arnold’s father died (The Famous People, 2014), which suggests that exposure to the realities of death led him to construct the critical poem Growing Old. Specifically speaking, the poem juxtaposes common misconceptions and clichés of life with the realities of aging and death. These elements

  • The Old Testament

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    The very first puzzle in the book is a puzzle. This could be done to make the reader think that the words, “Scripture” could be redundant to use where the words,” Old Testament” are present. The book has been divided into many parts. The first part contains a very long and a very useful discussion about the history of the Old Testament. There is an introduction and the presentation about the views of the canonization process. In this the reader does not come to know what exactly is coming towards

  • That Old House!

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    That Old House! Just last summer my parents bought a house. It is a nice place with hard wood floors and nice woodwork, but then there is my room in then basement. The first time I saw my room I almost cried. I hated it. I wasn't given a choice whether I liked it or not. My parents didn't seem to see how I felt and there was nothing I felt I could do about it. The floor was covered with leaves and other debris. The left wall was not yet finished. The studs and yellow insulation were still exposed


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    unmarked grave? It is doubtful that anyone will ever know. Doubtful I said, not certain. For tantalizing clues are occasionally brought to light. There is, for example, that piece of information concerning the execution of an old American journalist by huertista soldiers in an old mining village of northern Zacatecas.

  • With the Old Breed

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    Eugene Sledge’s With the Old Breed is a memoir of a junior soldier during the island hopping campaign in the Pacific theater during the Second World War. Written over thirty-five years after VJ-Day, his narrative carries the weight of emotion while brilliantly depicting the struggle of the individual soldier at the tactical level. As Sledge recounts his experience, he writes like a patriarch attempting to preserve his legacy through the account of his physically arduous and morally dubious ordeal

  • The Old Testament

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    living in a foreign country as an unpaid labourer, it is time for that promise to be realised in your life. You are scared and at the same time excited to be finally going to a place you can call home… A critical moment in the story of God in the Old Testament is when Abram at around 2081BC1 (well after the flood) is told by God in Genesis 12 to, "Go to the land that I will show you".(v1) And, "I will make you a great nation" (v2). This is where it begins for the nation which becomes known as Israel;

  • The Old Testament

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    Christian theologians have taken part in biblical scholarship for centuries on the qualities of the Old Testament that have changed western civilization forever. Walter Brueggemann is no exception to the enormous contributions theologians have made to these discussions in his respected work, The Prophetic Imagination. Here, Brueggemann proposes the social actions of the prophets Moses, Isaiah, Ecclesiastes, and Jeremiah as revolutionary insofar as each of their ministries provided a radical alternative

  • Sharon Olds' The Possessive

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    been taught to them from birth and shed their former youthful façades? Do they turn on their mothers? In Sharon Olds’ poem, “The Possessive,” the reader is finally introduced to the female version of the popular coming-of-age theme as a simple haircut becomes a symbol for the growing breach between mother and daughter through the use of striking images and specific word choice. Olds begins the correlation of the daughter’s haircut and the idea of war early on in the poem. The reader is first

  • Growing Old

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    of aging and the factors that appear to account for a longer life. We talked about adjusting to aging as well as the positives of growing old. After my visit, I realized that we all age at different rates and aging is a highly individual process that affects people in unpredictable ways. It is inevitable that we all grow old, but it is not inevitable to grow old in such a manner as not to be able to bend down and tie our shoelaces, or do the everyday ordinary chores without the resultant aches and

  • old spice

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    kitchen that he built for you with his own hands? Of course you do.” Old Spice man asks his audience this question among a series of other rhetorical questions as he transitions, to continuously fit the image of the perfect man. The commercial begins with an attractive, charismatic Old Spice man standing in a towel bare-chested, on the beach holding a bottle of Old Spice. He associates being an attractive model man, with using Old Spice body wash. He then transitions into an adventurous man wearing