Introduction To Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy Introduction Is teen pregnancy a significant problem? There needs to be a change in teens decision’s on pregnancy. In today’s society, teen girls are getting pregnant because it is the new trend. In which, there are too many teen girls getting pregnant and dropping out of school because they are not able to care for the baby the way they should, reality television shows reveal sexual content in media, and teens are spreading STD’s because of unprotected sex. Background The U.S. has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy. “3 in 10 girls become pregnant by the age of 20, over 750,000 pregnancies annually in the U.S.” (Teen pregnancy is a significant problem, para. 1). Early pregnancy are closely linked to a host of other…show more content…
Today, there are too many teen girls who are getting pregnant and dropping out of school because they are not able to care for the baby. Lara Kaufmann’s organization works with schools to craft policies supporting pregnant and parenting teens. Lack of transportation, childcare, extended absences and juggling school and work creates barriers to teen parents’ success in school. Teens having to drop out of school has a lot of negative consequences for themselves, they will not get a high school diploma, which leads them to not being able to get a good paying job so that one can provided for their baby. It will create a chain reaction to other teen girls because they see that other girls believe that it’s okay to become pregnant and drop out of school. “The Pregnant and Parenting Students Access to Education Act and Elementary and Secondary Education Act”(Pregnant and Parenting teens Require Special support to stay in school, para. 8), was introduced in July 2010 by U.S. representatives Jared Polis and Judy Chu, would provide state-level grants to better target supports to this vulnerable…show more content…
1.) Teen girls do not see that it is a big deal if one contracts a STD. If a teen contracts a STD and becomes pregnant, it is possible that the baby could contract it as well or have birth defects from it. MASH, which stands for Milwaukee Alliance for Sexual Health, a project by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program of the Medical College of Wisconsin, helps organizations and medical professionals find out why so many Milwaukee teens are pregnant with a STD. Poverty and low-income contribute to STDs. They believe that abstinence programs are important but not important enough because there is no stopping teens from having sex or unprotected sex. Students should be responsible enough to know that, if one has unprotected sex, one is likely to become pregnant and possibly contract a STD. MASH is currently studying successful safe sex programs in other cities and states in hope to help

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