Children having Children: Teenage Pregnancy

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According to U.S. Health and Human Services, 1 in 3 girls will get pregnant before she turns twenty. Almost 1 million teens get pregnant every year. Most of these pregnancies are unplanned, and cause turmoil for the teen mother, the baby's father, and their families. (surviving an unplanned pregnancy). As that may come as a shock, those statistics are realistic and accurate. In 2012 alone there were 29.4 live births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19. ( U.S. teen birth rate is slightly higher than any over developed country. U.S.A is holding the top rank in adolescent pregnancies. Of about 82% of pregnancy are found to be in teenagers having an age group between 15-20. (Teenage pregnancy: causes and facts). Childbearing at a young age impacts the adolescent parents both momentarily and in the forthcoming future. How can a child care for a child? They simply can't. “I’m still just as young as I was” she insists, “I haven’t grown up any faster.” (Wallis). Spoken by a young girl whom gave her perspective on giving birth at a young age. In society today, the uprising issue of adolescents having children, teen pregnancy, is becoming a lifetime impediment.

Teen pregnancy is often considered to be one of the most difficult experiences an adolescent may be involved in. It is not only traumatic for the mother but also the baby. Teen pregnancies have a higher risk for complications on both spectrums. Mainstream complications include but do not limit too significant anemia, placenta previa, induced hypertension, premature delivery and toxemia. Unborn babies receive the most of the effects of the early teen pregnancy, first being that the fetus loses out on nutrients from the still growing mother. More importantly, “Tee...

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