The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

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My research topic is about, how does a teen or adolescent pregnancy affects the life of the mother? In our world today teen pregnancy is becoming more normal than it used to be. Teen pregnancy is looked down upon in our society and when teen mothers go out in public or even just to school, whether pregnant or with a baby they get stared at and talked about. A good deal of people think that if you have a baby as a teenager your life is over and that you cannot and will accomplish your aspirations like going to college and getting your degree and having a good paying job. I have known someone who was a teen mom and she did graduate from high school and did go to college and has accomplished most of what she has wanted to do, but
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One main aspect the article talked about was how a teenager will experience intense emotion once she has missed a period or finds out that she is pregnant. She then has to try to figure out a great deal of things such as: how she feels about being pregnant, how she will tell her parents, what she will tell the father, etc. All of this intense emotional upheaval will interfere with her education and her life greatly. The article also talked about pregnant teens dropping out of high school and according to the article, “having a baby is the leading reason why teenage girls drop out of school. Less than 50 percent of all teens that become pregnant will graduate from high school” (Theobald). Another thing the article talked about was that a pregnant teen may also suffer discrimination or ridicule from schoolmates, teachers, and administrators. She could also be discriminated against when looking for a job. She may also be kicked out of or feel unwanted or like an outcast from activities and groups she was apart before she got pregnant. The article said this about the physical effects, “once you are pregnant, there is no easy way out physically” (Theobald). Pregnant teen girls may have a normal, healthy pregnancy if they are healthy before becoming pregnant, go to the doctor for pre-natal…show more content…
The main way that having a baby while you are a teen will affect you is emotionally. There will be so many adjustments that will result because of being pregnant and having a child. I have also found that the stereotype that teen moms drop out of school to be true and also not true for the reason that of the data presented in the article stated, “less than 50 percent of all teens that become pregnant will graduate from high school” (Theobald). I would like to do more research on that topic or on the question, how many teen girls actually drop out of high school because of pregnancy? Research also said that if the teen mother stays in school and graduates from at least high school, both her and her baby will most likely be better off and will not be automatically be stuck in or below poverty level. Another thing that research founded was that if the teen mom has or had a good support system behind her that she and her baby 's life would be better off than if the mom to be had no support system through pregnancy and after the baby was born. Both of the scholarly sources and the popular source lined up with the same messages and data. Overall, my findings from the articles and my research aligned up with that I had already previously thought or knew. However, there were points in the
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