Gender And Gender Determination

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In the early days most pregnant women would rely on their grandmother’s silly predictions or other old wives tales to predict whether their unborn baby was a boy or a girl. However, women had no way of knowing the sex of their baby until the actual moment of birth. The idea of gender determination has always been a challenge, and to this day one still cannot fully understand the concept of gender determination. However, with the use of modern day technology and much research, experts have found ways to determine the sex of unborn fetus.
Gender definition
Although there are many ways to define the word gender, Psychology of men (nd), defines gender as a group of characteristics or features that involving a certain biological sex (male/female). Characteristics or traits can both be referred to as one being “manly” or “womanly’. Some researchers and scientist have agued that gender determination is and has always been one of the most controversial issues.
Most of today’s theorists and scientists have a different perception of determining whether or not gender can be based on biological factors, or evolutionary factors. Gender determination involving humans can be identified by evaluating male and female chromosomes. Theorist of Penn State (2005) contains that chromosomes is a combination of instructions used to produce organism. As previously stated, the male chromosomes consist of X and Y. These two chromosomes are responsible for creating male gender and their ability to produce sperm. The female egg consists of double XX chromosome. Based on this theory, the X chromosomes carry a more dominant instruction manual than the Y chromosome.
Description and Performance
Caster Semenya was born with an sex disorder characterize by man...

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... the complaints and everything that Semenya had to endure and the fact that there was still no clear evidence to determine whether Semenya was either a male of female. The test was not able to establish those facts and as a result, no official action could be taken to determine the outcome. Therefore International Association of Athletic Federation (IAAF) had to reinstate Semenya and she will be allowed to continue her athletic career.
In conclusion, one has included in this paper a description of Caster Semenya, the gold medalist winner of the women 800 meter during the 2009 Olympic. One has discussed the issues surrounding Caster Semenya’s gender, and how she had to undergo gender testing to test her testosterone levels to determine if she was a male of female. In addition, one has also included the testing results and the outcome involving Semenya’s gender issue.
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