Internal Conflict In The Last Temptation Of Christ

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Whenever a movie is based off of a book, game, comic or anything that portrays characters the characters’ portrayal can be skewed. It is all up to the director or author on how their mind portrays those characters and how they feel about it. These types of media tend to tell us more about the author or director than about the actuality of said person, in this case it is Jesus. With that if a story has many movies based on it each can differ on the mise-en-scene, and the portrayal of characters. “The Last Temptation of Christ” is one of those examples where the new testament is taken by film makers and made in to a movie on how they feel Jesus is portrayed. “The Last Temptation of Christ” is not quite about Jesus, rather about how the author…show more content…
From the very beginning of the film there is conflict, externally in the Palestine of the Roman era, and internally in Jesus. This dual struggle is shown in the beginning of the film when we see Jesus as a carpenter making crosses for the crucifixion of fellow Jews. Jesus himself says he is driven by fear, fear of the Romans and fear of what he feels God is doing inside of him. This internal conflict begins to explain the distance between him and those around him, with this weighing on him he decides to seek consolation and answers away from where he lives and in the…show more content…
Gathering together followers, he seeks to share his understanding of God to those around him. Though he is still unsure of who he is, or what God is leading him towards, he listens to the advice of John the Baptist and heads out into the desert, drawing a circle around himself and waiting for an answer to the difficulties he is facing. Rather than a clear answer from God, Jesus is visited by the Great Tempter. The force of his will allows him to overcome these first temptations, which then gives him the confidence to return to his disciples, with Messianic aspirations. His understanding of himself as Messiah results in continued conflict, this time with other Jews. At first he feels that he must physical lead people to challenge the corrupting powers, but he then realizes that it will take his death to get them to see the situation. He pushes himself into being arrested, and is eventually crucified. While on the cross, Jesus faces his last temptation. He wants to both please God and be a content human. It becomes clear that his last temptation is seeking to derail his sacrifice, making it meaningless. He decides to sacrifice his whole self for the sake of

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