Interactional Theory Case Study

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Please answer the following questions. Bullet points are fine, should that be appropriate.
1. Using the Content/ Relationship axiom of Interactional Theory, evaluate a disagreement you have had with a best friend.
Using the content/relationship axiom of interactional theory, a disagreement I have had with my best friend sheds light on the issues of control existing between us within a series of messages. This is following a punctual commitment to transporting other to their household given that I forgot my other priorities such as a doctor’s appointment and acquisition of the groceries listed on my phone. The reason as to why is because this contains metacommunication made to reflect communication about written communication directly …show more content…

This description evaluates these systems through mapping out the numerous intertwined layers of meaning being perceived as common to evolving that is constantly accentuated inside of others’ communication and actions in their context. It happens to be set in motion after a state of perplexity occurs until moderated to a level of observation into a position comparable to a stranger in a foreign land necessitating gradual comprehension. The significance of behavior goes on to be the overall pursuit for ethnographers basing it on imaginative language, stories, rites, and other symbolism in order to decipher the nature of corporate culture. Ultimately, this system is exhumed by the workings of the researcher by means of the drawn-out course of participation observation such as deconstruct of narrative dramatizing organizational life from personal, collegial, and corporate stories.
5. Using Narrative Theory and narrative rationality, tell the story of your first day in a college classroom/ course. Ensure you label the parts (coherence and fidelity) of your story in accordance with the

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