Injustice: Standing up for one Another

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Superheroes; they save and protect the world’s people. They courageously stand up and battle against evil, anarchy, injustice, crime, and sin. When the world has nothing else to defend itself, they are the ones who are present with a duty to safeguard everyone. The superheroes you may know, such as: Superman, Batman, Iron Man, etc. all have extraordinary superhuman powers which they use to shield those in need. However, anyone can be a superhero. Throughout history, many people have become like superheroes not because of extraordinary powers, but extraordinary courage, bravery, humanity, and love. Those people made a choice to risk everything they had in order to save another human being. Is it the right thing for a person to stand up and do the right thing?

In World War II, the German Nazi Regime, led by Adolf Hitler, killed millions of Jewish people living in Europe. There goal was to get rid of all the Jews to make the world “better.” To do this, they tortured, brutalized, captured, and enslaved the Jews through concentration camps, death marches, death trains, and genocide. During the Holocaust, five distinguished people risked their livelihood, families, jobs, careers, and lives to help the Jews. These were the Righteous Gentiles. One Righteous Gentile who stood out from the others was Sempo Sugihara. Sempo Sugihara was a Japanese Consul General who was stationed to work in Kaunas, Lithuania, in the beginning of the Nazi occupation in the 1940’s (Greene Ron). He found that the Jews living in Lithuania were perplexed and somewhat unknowing of what was happening to the other Jews and to what extent the brutality of the ongoing events where (Greene). Aware of the Nazi invasion and occupation, he intervened to save over ...

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...ularity and the chance of being kicked out of the group, or stand idly and let the other friend be bullied. This is a real world experience that happens to many people. Sometimes it causes people to even take their own lives.

In conclusion, doing to the right thing is the correct choice. Being just may not come with any material reward, but it comes with the self satisfaction of knowing that you helped another person get by, or even survive a treacherous danger. It’s part of human nature to want to help one another, and God gave us a mission to love, respect, serve, and protect all life.

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