Influence Of The Beatles

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The Beatles The Beatles were one of the biggest forces in the music industry and inspired the world. As well as paving the way for other musicians. Before they were so famous though the Beatles came from small beginnings. Liverpool, England was the hometown to all four of the Beatles. John Winston Lennon born October 9th, 1940 took the lead role of the Beatles. Abandoned by both his father and his mother John lived and was raised by his aunt Mimi. As a boy John joined a Rocker gang being quoted as saying that they "went in for things like shoplifting and pulling girls ' knickers down." Just like John the rest of the Beatles came from working-class families. Paul McCartney born June 18th ,1942 was no exception being the son of a cotton salesman.…show more content…
It was also very interesting because of what had inspired the Beatles musical style. They were very much inspired by a great deal of American music. Things such as American rockabilly and R&B. They discovered this music through skiffle and covering some songs of Chuck Berry. February1964 The Beatles arrive at Kennedy Airport in New York City. They arrive to the drone of hundreds of screaming fans who had been awaiting their arrival. While on their short tour in America they actually appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. The show reached an all time high viewer count of 73 million. The Beatles had been a huge success and America was going crazy with Beatles mania. After returning home John actually released a book he had been writing titled “In His Own Write”. It quickly rose to the top of the best-seller list and even secured John an invitation to Foyles Literary Lunch which was on Shakespeare 's 400th birthday. It was around this time after their American tour that in July 1964 their movie “A Hard Day 's Night” actually released. The film was wildly successful. In August of 1964 the Beatles returned to America for another quick tour with just as much success if not…show more content…
Not to mention the multiple Grammy awards they have won throughout the years. In 1964 the won A Grammy for Best Performance By A Chorus for their movie “A Hard Day 's Night”. They also won an Grammy for Best New Artist of 1964. Fast forward back to 1965 and the Beatles have released their new album Rubber Soul. This album tried new things such as using a sitar on one of their songs “ Norwegian Wood”. The Beatles started to try new things and were always experimenting with new sounds at this point. This starts to show us all the different styles the Beatles have tried and went through all through their career. Sadly over the next few years not only their music was changing but other things were happening in the band and around them that would effect
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