Influence Of Social Media Essay

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One in four people worldwide use social media. Social media is made up of websites and applications used for sharing content and interacting with people. It is a source of communication for connecting with relatives to complete strangers around the world. Social media sites are used on a daily basis globally. Social media engages users to share, communicate, collaborate and advertise. Social media has many positive effects on people’s lives. Social media has pathways were people can connect with their loved ones and meet new acquaintances. Individuals are able to acquire and share knowledge at a fast pace through social media. It allows users to gain information about any topic at the click of a button. Through social media people can land…show more content…
Teenagers have many ways to express and develop on social media with countless websites and applications. Teens have the options of expressing themselves through pictures, words, and videos on social media. They can express their feelings, opinions, and views about religious beliefs, favorite shows and about people. Teens can be whoever they want to be on social media. Social networking sites have allowed for many individuals to escape and create their own demographics by setting up their own profiles, listing any age, gender and race. Social media encourages self-expression because each person has their own page, which is all about them. It is a great way for people to show off their personality and their own views. Social media encourages teenagers to post original thoughts, funny comments, and inspiring things. Teens have many different platforms to voice their thoughts; they can make short statements on Twitter with its 140-character limit or make videos on YouTube for as long as they want. Social media allows teens to be independent because the can learn and develop alone on social media. Teens’ expressing themselves through social media builds self-confidence and develops social skills. When teens post pictures of themselves they get countless compliments. Since teens are surrounded by people around the world on social media they can read different opinions from other teens and also engage with them. Teenagers can…show more content…
Social media connects teens through common interests. Teens can make new friends around the world through sharing interests. Social media enables people to gravitate towards people with the same interests by liking the same music, commenting on statues they enjoy. “Fandom” is a term used to describe a group of fans that empathize with others who share the same interest. It’s the state of being a fan of someone or something. Teens can join groups with people that share the same interest in celebrities, hobbies, entertainment, and fashion. Teenagers feel included and can share information with people like them. Social media websites make teens feel like they belong and it allows them to socialize with different people. Teenagers support each other’s ideas and content. Social media encourages a sense of belonging; it encourages users to interact with others. Social media is available 24/7 and available at your fingertips. Social media develops and keep friendships. Having social media available at your fingertips keeps teens connected with their friends and updated. Social media sites and applications allow teens to feel included and also inform them of global
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