Influence Of Jean Piaget

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Jean Piaget was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1896. He was the oldest child of Arthur Piaget and Rebecca Jackson. His father, Arthur Piaget taught medieval literature at a university. Piaget started his scientific career at a young age when he wrote a short paper about an albino sparrow. Piaget wrote this paper for a museum in hopes that he might get to work there after hours. He became more and more interested in science throughout his school years. His main interest was in biology especially in mollusks. By the time he finished school he was a well- known zoologist. He received his PH. D from in natural sciences at a university in Neuchatel. He later developed an interest for psychoanalysis and left to work at an institution that created…show more content…
His cognitive development theory over the way children think, changed the aspect of education from providing knowledge to how we guide children age appropriately as they learn about the world. Piaget didn't want to children to learn to resemble the typical adult of their society. He thought children needed to be taught as little creators, future inventors, innovators, educators. Although Piaget's theory isn't directly related to education or teaching, it definitely applied. He influenced discovery learning which is the idea that children learn best through doing and exploring. One of the main influences Piaget had in classrooms was the importance of active learning. He didn’t believe that children can learn by only being taught verbally. Teachers commonly use active learning in this century. They also use his research from cognitive development regularly. First, they use his research to guide the students. Instead of pushing a lot of information onto students while they just sit there, they take his advice to let them actively engage. They also use hands-on activities to teach. He also influenced letting students learn from their classmates especially in the concrete operational stage. Teachers also take Piaget's advice when they allow their students to make mistakes. Piaget believed that children learn from trial and error. Teachers could also be using Piaget's advice when they focus on their student's creative differences. For example, when a student starts on their artwork from a different angle than they’re shown but end up with the same result. Piaget's theory also shines through when teachers respect each child's interest and limits. Teacher's normally don’t stick to one learning style because they pay attention to each student and adapt to each of their learning
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