Indrill Company Case Study

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The Company
Ingersoll-Rand history has roots that date back as far as the late 1800’s. Ingersoll-Rand emerged from the merger of two different Drill Companies. Solomon R. Dresser was a founder and supplier to the growing oil industry. Meanwhile, the Clark Brothers were founders and manufactures of sawmills and agricultural machinery, including steam engines. During the 20th century new companies emerged and existing companies expanded to support the growing demand for energy. Although these were different drill companies, being an inventor himself, Addison Rand recognized the importance and value of machinery for the progress of mining formed the Rand Drill Company. By 1905, Ingersoll- Sergeant Drill Company merged with Rand Drill Company and
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In today’s society, technology is a requirement for a company to be productive and advance in the business environment. Organizational structure determines how roles and responsibilities are assigned, and how information flows between the different levels of management. In an organizational workforce environment, there are several levels of management, their responsibilities are to know why organizational changes are necessary and must effectively communicate that to the workforce, implement and sustain change. However, organizational culture is shared expectations, values, and attitudes. Teamwork is an important value shared among team members with the same core values that are committed to reducing delays in the delivery of product to their customers in a timely manner. Upper management has the majority of decision-making power and control over departments. Organizational structure depends on the organization’s objectives, strategy, and the project. Management is capable of using available resources to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. When individuals in a position, such as managers use their ability to show enthusiasm, and motivation it helps to encourage individuals to work harder toward meeting their goals. The structure help define the roles and responsibilities of the department, work groups and organization. Organizational structure is a system of tasks and policies that give members and group direction. Having a good organizational structure will lead to a good decision by businesses, for its long term investment goal. Although, it will allow people or groups to work effectively together while developing hard work ethics and attitudes. The change in organizational behavior, human relations and performances can be affected by many different
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