Improving Aspects in My Writing Thanks to My English Course

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This English course was a vastly informative class. We covered lots of criteria material and discussed topics during class. During the course, I have accomplish a variety of goals I once thought were unachievable. I still have a little ways to go to become the best writer I can be but by taking this course I have been able to expand and learn as a writer, editor, and analyzer of my work, peers work, and academic work. I have learned from others as others have learned from me. I have tried to improve particular aspects of my writing but continue to struggle with other aspects. I have found new strategies and breakthroughs that have allowed me to improve my essays. However, I am still learning how to write and believe that I always shall be.

Firstly, one of my struggles that I have improved on is creating a thesis statement. I have always had difficulties coming up with a thesis. Most of my essays that I have written, I wrote background information then an actual thesis statement. For example, one of my essays that I wrote for the English course is “Love and Gold”; my thesis statement on that essay was too vague and disorganized but my professor gave me advice to help me. I know now in order to have a good thesis is always to get to the point of what the essay will be about. When there is time, I let people contemplate my thesis statement. When I can not rely on someone I ask myself two questions. The first question that I ask myself is, “Do I answer the question”. I re-read the question prompt after and see if I missed the focus of the question. The second question is, “Would my thesis statement create an argument”, If I see that my thesis does not make an argument the thesis is too vague. Once I get done asking my questions I ma...

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...t for. In my future, I hope to carry all of the skills I have acquired during my English courses. I think that they will be very helpful to me, regardless of what I am trying to accomplish. I feel that I am much better now, in persuading someone through my writings; which would definitely come in handy during my career. The responsibility I have gained during this experience is incredible and has taught me to be a much more organized person. I was faced with deadlines, rules and assignments that I could not work around. I found that all of these responsibilities have made me realize that I could definitely take the next step forward in my academic career. Each new experience I involve myself in has made me continue to grow and constantly learn something new. I have truly enjoyed my English course and know what I have learned will be extremely beneficial.
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