Impoverishment Of Student Quality In Bodega Dreams By Ernesto Quinonez

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“When It Comes To Teachers Make The Difference”

As in the story: "Bodega Dreams" by Ernesto Quinonez, students of Julia de Burgos school were abused psychologically by a bad teacher named Blessington, which belittled and humiliated his telling students that would end in jail or as prostitutes; in the same way, the lack of pedagogy of these so-called teachers, contribute to the impoverishment of our educational system. For decades, it has been supposed that education is related to socioeconomic status determined by the level of income. It is common to hear, if you are rich, so it has can be an excellent education. This thought is deep within us and it could be very difficult to think in another way. With this we can deduce that any financial
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How someone with no pedagogy and full of racial hatred as Professor Blessington is in a teaching institution, such as Julia de Burgos School? Meroni’s, Vera and Costas in her article clarify how the variation in student performance can be explained by teacher quality, when he conclude: “the empirical evidence emerging from our analysis confirmed our predictions about the relationship between teachers ‘skills and students performances and the importance of teacher quality in explaining countries variation in student achievement” (pg. 14) The attitude imposed by the teacher determines the degree of success of the student. Those who have been to different student stages, as a school, high school, college and university, we know that there are many "sapo’s" and many "Blessington’s" and very few "Tapia 's". This helps me understand how young students like "sapo" are literally driven out by teachers’ like Blessington’s from our schools, And also the opposite, teachers like Tapia, which have in common besides being Hispanic, its pedagogy is different and tries to restore the self-esteem of their students, which was damaged by Blessington. When the author said: ‘Tapia told us “You speak two languages, you are worth two people.”(Quinonez 169) Professor Tapia, trying to make understand that as Hispanic, also had qualities that other students not, besides contributing to the self-esteem…show more content…
According to our system, it is very unlikely to have teachers like Tapia. When we read the conclusion part of the article written by: Meroni’s, Vera and Costas, when they say: “As it turns out, not just education itself but also the skills acquired through education and taught to students drive socio-economic performance.”(pg. 14) we understand that this wheel gap, we face the embarrassing reality that our performance in real life is inefficient, as it is in reading, the example of "sapo", when the author said: ‘“Because Mr. Blessington told me I was going to end up in jail, so why waste my time doing homework?”’(Quinonez 171) all these internal and external influence received, led him to surrender and not only that, it is understood that our economic performance also depends on it. This allows us to understand why, in reading of Quinonez, this school has teachers like Blessington, the economic deficiency plays a role in determining the quality of teachers who work in different schools; And Julia de Burgos high school is not the exception. The skills acquired in our outer life, they also have a large weight in our future success or failure. But what can one develop skills in a neighborhood lacking? What kind of friends generates a neighborhood so? Understandably the position of "sapo" if we see the external

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