Important Values to Instill in Children

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1. Joyful

A. I believe children deserve to be themseleves, to be able to be joyful, creative and curious. They should not be forced to be like anyone else, or expected to fall into the so called norm of childhood. Children see the world so clearly they do not see race or sex when they make friends. Children are curious about everything around them and they ask millions of questions, some the same question mulitpule times. The are caple of holding so much information in their brain, why shouldnt we let them be curious and explore the world with their minds. Sometimes leting children explore their curiosity in a creative way is a great way for a child to learn. If a child likes scient experiemnts let them experience with things like baking soda and vinegar, or even just mixing different colors. If a child likes arutecure sit with them and help them build a tower out of blocks. Children deserve our respect they are caple of teaching us so much if we just get down on their level and are willing to learn. A childs laugh can bring joy to anyone, because when they laugh it is the sound of pure joy.
B. I think one of the absolute best ways to show children you care about them and their childhood is by allowing yourself the freedom to get down on the childs level and imurse yourself into their world. Its as simple as playing a game with them, or talking to them about their life that shows children you care about them, about who they are and who they are developing into. Its imposrtant that we not only care about the childrens lives now but also the future, how and what we teach them will stick with them fo...

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...tant way to clarify your values to the children, the families, and your coworkers. Make sure to set aside time to connect with coworkers, be open to their advice and imput, and let them feel they have the freedom to talk to you about situations in their classroom, problems at home, or difficult children. Also giving families a chance to talk to you and give you imput and feed back is important, when a child goes home they may say something about class to the parents that may raise concern with the parent so making time to talk to parents is important. As a TV show once said 'Kids Say The Darnest Things' and its true, sometimes what a child ways may come out wrong, or be embarrasing or raise alarm so giving parents the respect and freedom to be open with you and descuise things is important and will show the parents that you value them and hope they value you aswell.
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