Importance Of Vegetarianism

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Why Vegetarianism? A person that is vegetarian does not eat meat from any type of animal, and that includes seafood, but they can eat cheese, eggs and milk. “About 3% of U.S. adults are considered full-fledged vegetarians”.(Hellmich 4). When people think of vegetarians, they think about weak little hippie girls, and they 're all about world peace. Some things might be true, but the majority is so unbelievably untrue. When other people think about vegetarians they mostly think of healthy people which is true. They respect the earth more than meat eaters. Also, vegetarians care about the environment as well, which I 'm going to talk about later. Caring for the environment is an uncommon way of life which many vegetarian lives by. Some reasons why vegetarians turn vegetarian is they want to save animals. Other reason is that they want to save the environment because the majority doesn 't care for it. Vegetarianism is good for many reasons for; instance a person’s health, ethics, and religious beliefs When a person thinks of a vegetarian’s health the majority probably things…show more content…
Also, many people become vegetarian to follow them there idle/ celebrity. Talking about religious beliefs, Hinduism is a religion that to you can 't eat meat because everything that is living deserves to live. Eating: Indian Style is a “article talks about the traditions about food among Hindus, which emphasizes the vegetarian meal in India. North Indians love to eat wheat-based flatbreads in place of or along with their rice, but the other dishes are comparable. Lots of spices are used, in conjunction with coriander, fenugreek, cumin, cayenne, cardamom, ginger, cloves, chili pepper, black pepper and cinnamon. Depending on the region, spicing may be mild to very Spicy.”(Hinduism Today 10). Being vegetarian doesn 't mean you will eat bad

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