Importance Of Traveling Abroad

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What challenges do you anticipate on this program, and how do you plan to overcome them? Traveling abroad to a foreign country presents many challenges, such as overcoming the cultural and linguistic barriers, but I am excited at the prospect of facing these obstacles. All of the countries involved in Plus3 Program offer cultures drastically different from life in the United States. For instance, China, Vietnam, and Italy each value honor and respect for their elders as well as loyalty to family. These values are considered and observed in the United States, but not to the extent of these foreign countries. Since I anticipate these values may differ from the home values I am accustomed to, I will need to adjust my attitude in order to be…show more content…
All of the countries that are a part of Plus3 are attractive and alluring to me. For example, China appeals to me because of its diverse culture, especially its food. I am excited at the idea of eating food that would not commonly be found in the United States, such as frog legs and insects. I am also excited to experience true Chinese food, not the Chinese take-out I can get at home. I will achieve my goal of experiencing the culture and its food by stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things every day. I also will do extensive research about the country I am visiting in-depth leading up to the trip to have a better understanding of the people’s cultural values, their language, and the country as a whole. I want to be able to appreciate the sites and landmarks I will visit, so I will ensure I research these areas specifically. I truly want to embrace everything the culture has to offer, and there is no better way than to completely immerse myself into their culture both before and during the…show more content…
Engineers may only be able to appreciate the engineering aspects of the trip, and business students may only appreciate the business aspects. I am unique in that I have a specific interest in both, and I want to learn all that I can about each aspect. I will engage and participate throughout the entire trip, which shows how dedicated and motivated I am to learning more about business and engineering. My interests and goals of this trip distinguish me from other applicants, making me a very qualified candidate for this

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