Importance Of The Ten Commandments Of Computer Ethics

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In today’s world, the internet, email, social media is second nature. To be truthful, I’m not sure if it would even be reasonable to imagine today’s generation being able to function in a world without it. The internet is fascinating and you have everything you want to know about or see, at your fingertips. However, it can also be a dangerous, scary, unpredictable place. That is why in 1992, the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics was written. (The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics, Computers Ethics Institute) We are living now where unfortunately, there is so much finger pointing, nobody can see eye to eye and we have somehow lost our love, compassion and respect for one another. It is also so much easier to attack somebody over a computer and in doing so, often times it can be a lot harsher rather than having a disagreement face to face. That is why I strongly agree with the tenth commandment that says,…show more content…
I think morally, this should be an unspoken thing, but sometimes when someone feels attacked or strongly disagrees, we can say things that are hurtful. If we would put into consideration the feelings of others and respect others beliefs before posting anything out of anger or hate just because we do not agree, we could make the cyber world a better place and maybe even the the world a little more united and not so torn. The first commandment of computer ethics stating, Thou Shalt Not Use a Computer to Harm Other People I feel, this is a very important one, this commandment I believe, has to do with viruses. Getting a computer virus can be harmful to some people that use their personal computers for their livelihoods or who have important documents stored on there or even pictures that can all be erased. Viruses have the capability to take over your whole computer and sometimes so powerful, many files may not be recovered. I also strongly
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