Importance Of Speech

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Something that I have never shared is that I did Academic Decathlon in High School. Speech was one of topics that I struggled with when I was involved in it for two years. Believe me when I say that my progress from then to now has come a long way. Right after giving my persuasive speech, I had a lot of negative thoughts that were floating in my head. I felt that there has been little process in all of this time that I have spent trying to learn to communicate more effectively. Worst of all perhaps, I felt powerless to do anything to change this. This was my most practiced speech and it did not feel that way.
A study was conducted in 2009 by psychologists Matthias Wieser, Paul Puali, Phillipp Reicherts, and Andreas Mühlberger who discovered that high anxiety speakers are “significantly more sensitive to the angry images than to happy or neutral one”. Reading this very line made me think deeply I respond to speeches. From looking at the film of my persuasive speech, I can look to specific moments to where I visibly notice my audience losing me. From watching these moments, I get flash backs of myself in the middle of my speech looking at certain lost faces in the audience. Noticing this, I stop myself for a second, and try keep giving my speech. I don’t
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I seem more credible just in the way that I stand. My arms are more actively engaged with that I am trying to communicate. In my story speech, I seem the opposite. If I had to boil my posture to one word, it would be flimsy. My arms seem to be dangling from the top of torso. I am shifting my weight from one leg to another fairly often. I find myself not sure of what I am saying. While this problem didn’t completely go away as I still see myself facing back and forth, the movement seems less frequent and noticeable. My overall body movements have gotten a lot
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