Importance Of Solid Waste Management

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Solid waste management is a supreme and prime concern of modern civilization. Solid waste management also vital issue for urban area which is mostly dense populated as like as Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh with a rapid population growth and this mass population generates a huge amount of solid waste by their daily work. A proper solid waste management system is very much important concern for a community. The improper management of solid waste create various environmental problems includes bad odors, diseases transmission, fire hazards, atmospheric and water pollution, and groundwater contamination etc. Various known solid waste management system is includes land filling, thermal treatment, biological
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Selecting a dumping site is not so easy matter because there needs to consider various factors such as science, geology, social science, economy environment, various technology and many other financial matter. In these factors the most essential and important factors is environment because it’s may affected by land filling (Siddique et al 1996; Kontos et al. 2003;Erkut and Moran 1991). There also must need to consider economic factors in the sitting of landfills which include the cost gathered with the acquisition, development and operation of the site (Delgado et al. 2008; Erkut and Moran 1991; Kontos et al. 2003). Identifying a suitable Landfill sites is a multi-attributes decision process where it’s considered and signify the assessment of various attributes and select a suitable areas from several possible alternatives which based on certain criteria (Melo et al. 2006; Javaheri et al…show more content…
Sanitary landfill is the most cost effective system of solid waste disposal for most urban areas in the developing countries (Joycee, 1990). To select of a landfill site requires a significant amount of spatial data to process and evaluate with respect to various parameters for the suitability of a site (ojha et al 2007). So the selection process of a suitable site for solid waste disposal must take into account various spatial, economic and social parameters which are crucial in isolating the site. So there need to hold and process a huge amount of data in an appropriate technique (S.Kumar.2013). In this context, Geographical Information System (GIS) is more appropriate.GIS and remote sensing is a technique which more reliable and capable to process huge quantity of spatial data in a short period. On the other hand it’s much difficult and costly to effort for ground monitoring process and difficult to gather much information for a large area (H. Shahabi; S. Keihanfard and M. J. T. Amiri et al 2013). So GIS is a technique which can manipulate, correlate, and analyze spatial data, relate them to mapped phenomena, enable to make policy to link disparate source of information, performed sophisticated analysis, visualize trends, project outcomes and make a long term planning goals (Malczewski 2004; Sharifi et al.
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