Importance Of Social Action In Social Work

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According to Max Weber, "an Action is 'social' if the acting individual takes account of the behaviour of others and is thereby oriented in its course". (Secher 1962). Social problems and conflicts have persisted as a fundamental part of the world from the times immemorial. For providing assistance and resolution to these teething troubles, social work and social welfare has continued to be a major player in reincarnation of the world. Professional social work utilizes certain techniques of functioning with populaces, in order to empower them and resolve their problem. Going by the history of the social work tradition if we look at social action and social work, the history of their unification is not that mammoth but still social action in…show more content…
Social worker with use of powerful speeches create a base for dramatization of the whole process of social movement. Social Worker builds slogans, Morchas, Dharna, and other such tools to create community mass mobilisation, thus involving more and more people for larger community based action group. PRINCIPLE OF MULTIPLE STRATEGIES: Since demands and needs of each community and target group differs from each other, the strategies that social actionist takes up are more spontaneous and in synchronisation with the structure of given target group and community. For instance: Working with women as a target group or Youth as a target group, the whole modus operandi will be based on strategies which suit the respective beneficiary for long sustained change. Social actionist at times also needs to alter his working module as per the abrupt changes that might occur while creating a basis for social change. Any social movement thus is multifaceted approach to incur a medium for social justice and…show more content…
It is a structured effort to mend social and economic institutions, meant to disentangle mass problems by endeavouring to transform basic social and economic practices. Though it often embroils public pressure but it out rightly denounces violence putting emphasis on crafting of social legislation using both tools of case-work with individuals and group work to strive for change that is desired by the society. Social action thus is a conflictual method of changeable strength to bring about or avert modifications in the social system through the process of making
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