Responsibilities And Responsibilities Of A Social Worker's Profession And Responsibilities

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Social Worker’s Profession and Responsibilities As a social worker, there are many responsibilities and obligations that come with the job. We have the obligation to protect the human rights of our client’s. We also have the responsibility to abide in an ethical manner. There are many grey areas in the social work and the code of ethics helps guide social workers to promote well-being and meet the needs for people. All though many professions follow similar ethical practices and promote human rights what sets us apart is are needed to promote social justice.
Social Justice Although social work may be categorized as many things I believe what sets it apart from other occupations is the need to promote social justice. Barusch (2015) explained social justice for social workers is working towards an end goal for their client’s.
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Human rights are universal and they belong to all people. Due to discrimination and other human rights violations minorities often are still left without human rights (Barusch, 2015.) Social workers have the obligation to promote these rights. After the holocaust, the United Nations created the Declaration of Human Rights to address some of the same issues social workers might encounter (Barusch, 2015.) Social workers should work to promote freedom and human rights without discrimination for their client’s. These Human rights are needed to promote social justice.
Another obligation for social workers is to promote well-being and meet the needs of others by following the code of ethics. National Association of Social Workers (2008) stated that we as social workers have the obligation to empower people who need help. We have an obligation to promote social justice for individuals who are living in poverty and facing discrimination. In order to help the population of individuals social workers choose to work with there are several factors to keep in
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