Importance Of Self Awareness

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PART A STRENGTH Awareness of self and others. One of my best qualities is self-awareness and awareness of my students. If I make a mistake, I immediately notice students’ confusion and fix the situation. I check their understanding through CCQs. During my fourth TP, I was teaching grammar to an intermediate level class. I noticed they weren’t clear about the rules after my very long explanation; I should have limited the TTT. So, I caught on to their confusion, and I became more aware of my method. So I changed my method and worked more with the students. I made sure everyone understood and used the grammar well. According to my tutor, despite the confusion, I created on MPF clarification. I achieved the aim of the lesson, and the language was well produced by the students. Thankfully, my detailed observation and awareness helped me to develop my lessons. Also, my friends usually asked for my feedback on their lessons. They and my tutor trusted my observations. Monitoring…show more content…
My colleagues have always reminded me of that. In one of the TPs, one of my colleagues pointed out how well I managed setting and monitoring activities. I never interfere while students are producing the language and doing the activities, but I listen and comment later on what they have said. So students are fully aware that I’m listening to them and their language is observed. It is quite evident that most of the lessons were well controlled. During the third TP, I noticed a few students were doing the activity wrong. As result, I stopped them and modified the instructions to include ICQs to make sure my instructions were clear and straight to the
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