Importance Of Professionalization Of Adult Education

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This research paper focuses upon the professionalization in the area of adult and continuing education. Adult education is an education of adult individuals who are above 18 years of age. For the country to progress economically, socially and politically, it is essential to educate the adults of the country; any attempt made in universalizing the primary education would be a wastage and would cause inefficiency if attempts are not made to expand the literacy programs. Efforts made to increase adult education would have positive consequences for the adults as well as for the nation. Adult education has been seen as a representative for economic development and overall progress of the nation. On the other hand, if the adults of the country…show more content…
Adult Education in India has been utilized to contribute in improving the interactive abilities of these individuals and generation of better employment opportunities for them by improvement of their educational and other kinds of skills such as technical, clerical, soft skills etc. The area of adult education has rendered a significant contribution in the development of academic skills, technical skills, generic skills and other work related skills, which are also termed as soft skills. The programs initiated in rural areas such as the Farmers Training and Functional Literacy Project and the Rural Functional Literacy Program are meant to improve the productivity, skills, knowledge and the agricultural practices. In the generation of employment opportunities and poverty alleviation and in generating income-earning opportunities for the socio-economic backward sections of the society, the contribution of adult education has been recognized to a great extent. Keywords: Adult Education, Programs, Policies, Agencies, Practices, Learning, Adult Learners, Learning Principles, Learning Environment, Teaching Strategies, Employability, Rural Areas, Productivity, Literacy,…show more content…
Adult education should also include other resourcefulness such as health, rights, ICT etc. All these aspects are dependent upon the position of the country in its perspective of advancement. The Belem Framework is concerned with “adult learning and education” as an indispensable component of the right to education; “the entire body of ongoing learning processes, formal or otherwise, whereby people regarded as adults by the society to which they belong develop their abilities, enrich their knowledge, and improve their technical or professional qualifications or turn them in a new direction to meet their own needs and those of their society” (Indian Journal, 2012,

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