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Pet life Pets are an essential part of today’s world. Pets are used to help many people today for people that need a seeing eye dog or prisoners whom get lonely and can improve his or her health with the presence of an animal. Pets can benefit any age group and there are many different pets to meet ones’ needs. Having a pet can increase ones’ empathy, health, and responsibility. While a pet can increase ones’ responsibility, an animal should not be taken in unless one is ready for such responsibility. A pet needs a lot of attention and should never be neglected. Fostering a pet can be a great option for first time pet owners so he or she may find the pet that is best for one. Empathy is the sharing of feelings of another. According to Cheri Thompson, "I knew that these children would be different if someone just reached out to them," Thompson said. "If the missing link with these kids is compassion because they're not receiving it ... let's take an opportunity to act on that in a positive way. They're going to see that all life is valuable, and that includes their life, too." Thompsons’ quote can be extended to other people too such as…show more content…
If one already has too many responsibility’s, he or she will not have enough time to take care of another life. Animals can be great to teach kids responsibilities at a young or to teach a couple before he or she decides on having a baby. With the increase of technology, people have less and less responsibilities to take on. Pets can teach one if he or she would be good at taking care of animals. Consistency is key to taking care of a pet and consistency is what responsibility is about. Consistency is important to learn so one may continue to be responsible for others. It is also helpful in everyday life whether one wants to learn an instrument, or one would like to have a family to take care of. Pets are a stepping stone to a more consistent and responsibly human
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