Importance Of Peace Through Law

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Yielding Peace Through Law
The laws were created since the humans walked the Earth. It was created to give them a sense of order and peace among themselves. The laws served as a set of guidelines written that needed to be followed to ensure peace and safety among citizens. The citizens followed the laws as they also feared the punishment followed if found breaking the law. Although, there were tough guidelines, it did not stop the lawbreakers and criminals from committing crimes against their own people. This scared the innocent, hardworking community. Such defying of laws by criminals that committed crimes against human nature, for example, rape, genocide, murder and many more. Therefore, law is essential in establishing in peace, order and
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The society creates new ideology that can be followed for generations to come. Laws in society is what leads the progression of society. Societies advance if the citizens abide by the law created. Respecting human rights and law promote goodness and peace within oneself. Promoting goodness is essential for the growth of society and much more essential for the improvement of peace within. This is necessary as it directs humans to diversity and support one another through thick and thin. Peace is the most important aspect of society as it is the cornerstone of just, vibrant, sustainable, and meaningful community around. Laws create a line that cannot be crossed to inhibit infringing or offence amongst people. Peace is an important part because it asks a simple question to everybody, “can peaceful communities prevail without seeking justice and equality all the time?” Government has the responsibility to structure society and encourage virtuous behavior (Lao Tzu). The necessity of peace and justice is vital as it can cause the government and societies to tumble into chaos. The thought of having peace can create new ideas and can truly lead to new experiences this world has yet to discover. It would be unique watching different cultures mingling and sharing ideas with each other, without any fear. That is a vision that is yet to be…show more content…
It is what defines us as humans and makes us a unique civilization. It characterizes and focuses on the most important piece of civilization: mankind. The most important function of the law is to create peace and order among people. Help them live a harmonious life altogether. It also creates sense of equality and justice for every last person on Earth. Having laws keeps the community safeguarded against violence and physical harm from each other. The laws are simple and transparent enough for common people to access and look up to and feel safeguarded. If a law is unjust or creates tensions about certain issues that can cause some causality, it needs to be reported and informed to the people, so they can decide to whether support it or repeal it, as part of a community. Laws are paramount for the succession of the society. It is the people who have real power and it is the law which is their reinforcement towards injustice. The laws are created for the people and that characteristic is what defines the law. It needs to ensure its most important function; to spread
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