Importance Of Molar Mass

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Molar mass is a fundamental and must-know term in chemistry. Anyone who studies chemistry begins the journey with this term. The molar mass of a substance is defined as “the mass of one mole of any substance where the carbon-12 isotope is assigned a value of exactly 12gmol-1. Its symbol is M. Molar mass is important because of its usefulness in various calculations. To chemistry students, it is a tool to solve many problems and exercises, as molar mass can be used to calculate the mass or the amount of a sample of a certain substance. Obviously, the most popular way to determine a substance’s molar mass is by using its chemical formula. Another way is to use a sample of that substance and calculate from the mass and the amount of substance. However, not many people would think of using titration and back titration to calculate the molar mass of a substance.
Titration is the addition of a known-concentration solution, or the titrant, to a known-volume of a solution of unknown concentration, or the analyte, until the reaction reaches the equivalence point, which would be indicated vis...

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