Importance Of Imagination For Memorization

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Imagination for Memorization In Kindergarten, one of the things that teachers wanted us to learn was the alphabet.. To be able to do that, there was a way that teachers taught us. The teachers create a poster for each letter with an image on it, like an animal that has the letter in the name for example B is for Bee. With these details, it was easier to learn the alphabet when there was something to imagine because it was going to be better to memorize. Memorization during the years, gets better. However when I was in eighth grade, I already knew a lot more things than when I was in Kindergarten because as the years move forward I learned different ways of memorization. One of the most challenging things in eighth grade was that I was not…show more content…
Foer is showing that analysis is also a good way for memorization because when someone is able to analyze somethings is going to give another perspective for something in their own words and is going to be better because is going to have more deep details about what is been memorizing. Also, when a person is thinking a lot in something that they are memorizing is better because the person is not going to be saying the same thing that someone tell them, a person is going to get things better, analysis is good to memorize because a person is going to be more interest on it. For example when I was in seventh grade teachers used to assign us readings like tales such as the Little Red Riding Hood the assignment was to read them, to analyze all the details about it and after that we have to make a dramatization with new dialogues invented for us and memorize it by us. By creating new dialogues help me to memorize the story because I was able to create a new way to see the story but still connecting the new dialogues to it and it become more interesting to memorize in my way. Memorization needs analysis of what a person is trying to

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