Importance Of Friends

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Ever have seen the type of “friends” that someone thought would always be there for them, but ended up only being their friend for their sake? Aristotle illustrates “those who wish well to their friends for their sake are most truly friends” (23). I believe this quote that Aristotle has explained can compare too many friendships today. He is truly right and if everyone looked at their “friends” to see how many real friends, they have; there won’t be many friendships that last. There are a lot of commitments put into good relationships; if friends work together and go through life obstacles, friends are most likely remaining together for a lifetime. Only true friends will last your whole life while others lasted maybe a couple months. In…show more content…
By taking everything, I mean use them, take them for granite, get things from them and don’t give back, and don’t appreciate anything. Many times in my life, I have dealt with others who just wanted to use me for either car rides, money, whatever it was that they so called needed. I never stood up for myself and I understand now that is why they came to me if they needed something. At the time I didn’t realize they were just using me, and I regret ever letting them walk over me. I am convinced this is why a lot of people become the way they are because of genuinely nice people who would do anything for someone. In the big bang theory Glaucon argues “acting unjustly often has too many negative side effects, especially given the likelihood of getting caught” (83). This statement is remarkably true because when friends are just acting out they are more on the negative side than positive and would more than likely to get them caught up. Ultimately in conclusion, the theme is expressed throughout the novel in the characters choice of words, actions, and symbolic behavior. Friends often use others for their sake while others come out to think they are being a true friend to them. Each person is different whether it is the personalities, looks, and even their minds. Only certain people will catch ones attention and become their friend. Friends are important throughout your lifetime. Making and keeping friends is very important. For all we know, we are not promised tomorrow, so be a real friend to everyone and make a change for
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