Importance Of Fake Friends

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Friendship has always been a part of people’s lives since the beginning of time. Friends were once needed for survival; nowadays, we no longer have to depend on our friends to live, so what is the purpose of a friend? A friend has evolved to someone who supports us through our endeavors and guides us toward the good in life. Their job has shifted from physical to psychological. Even though being a friend is (in most cases) no longer physically life-threatening, it has become more challenging, meaning more people are taking the job for granted. In today’s society, the word “friend” is being thrown around lightly. People go around calling others that they barely know their friends, and more and more people surround themselves with “friends” who…show more content…
Nowadays, friends always seem to be around to celebrate our triumphs, however, at low points in our lives, many just disappear when we need them the most. A quote by Benjamin Franklin says that “A false friend and a shadow attend only while the sun shines,” meaning fake friends, like all friends, give support when life is good, however, they always abandon us when our days turn dark. This is something that true friends do not do, for they will stand by their friends no matter the consequence. What makes a fake friend difficult to spot is their kind and supportive facade. I can recall having friends who promised to be at a competition to support me, but bail at the last minute, sending a “Next time, I promise!” text and friends who complimented me then trash talked me behind my back. This continuous deception can eventually wear out our morale. The author of The Great Pearl of Wisdom, Bangambiki Habyarimana defines an enemy as a friend whose mask has fallen. This is true because, without their loving facade, a fake friend is the definition of an enemy: a person who feels hatred for another. A true friend is not afraid to be genuine and, unlike a fake, they do not hide behind a mask and hold back in their support for their friends. The mask that covers a fake friend’s envy and hate eventually wears off, thus exposing their true form to others. However, mask or…show more content…
As humans, we surround ourselves with people who we feel comfortable with and others who we want to feel comfortable with. We can become so ignorant of whether or not our friends are really there for us when all we care about is popularity. Moreover, we have friends that take us for granted and we also take our true friends for granted at times. I used to have so many fake friends that I was never able to be comfortable being myself around them. I thought I was happy because I had all these people around me, but they never showed me support and when I needed them, and they were never there. Luckily, I now have a group of true friends that give me unconditional support and guide me to do good in life. I have seen and heard about so many people around the world who are a part of a friend group where they are thrown to the side or never appreciated. Feeling neglected by so-called friends is one of the leading causes of teen depression. True friends care about each other and are not afraid to show it and they are what makes the journey of life

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