Importance Of Extensive Reading

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By the Reading skills is for improvement of speaking ability. Now let us know what reading is; Reading means understanding what the writer has said; understanding a written text means extracting the required information which means not only reading the lines but reading between the lines and reading beyond the lines. Thus reading is an active which involves the mental faculties. It is also necessary that the reader should have knowledge of morphology, syntax and know what should be skimmed through and what should be read in great detail. Thus teaching reading is teaching a cohesive set of skills that must be carefully presented.
With accordance of your knowledge you can say that in those days there is no English Laboratories and proper attentive
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Extensive reading is for gaining some specially required information or the gist of a passage, chapter or a book. Intensive reading is concerned with a detailed examination of the text to get complete meaning. In extensive reading, one develops the habit of reading for pleasure which involves the ability to read quickly. Moreover one can enjoy books when one need not struggle through them. The rapid extensive reading also helps the student in the reference work. She gains training in how to look for specific information when she does not have to read each line carefully as in the intensive…show more content…
It is to proliferate among students to enrich vocabulary building unconsciously. Here is to introduce the Indian standard book it entitled “Tell Me Why? In which we have a plenty of fabricated vocabulary published on unique issues that would saturated in varied adequate information.
The following steps are to be introduced to the students to have a good awareness of situational information.
Usage - book of Indian Manoram “Tell Me why? - Either in Class room or Language Laboratories.
 It is teachers’ Hercules task to collect the books to issue the individual copy for pair of students in voluntary reading for their gist of apprehends the content.

 Suggest the students to select a column or an article is not exceeding at least the two or three paragraphs that would help them to get remembering for

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