Modeling Through Read Aloud Analysis

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Introduction: As an elementary teacher all I know is to find read alouds that go with the lessons we are teaching. Talking with middle school teachers they have said they have never used any sort of read-aloud. The article I choose speaks about read-alouds in a highly manner. The journal article talks highly about all the different parts of success during a read aloud. The purpose of the article is to prove that read alouds make a difference no matter what grade the students are in. As an elementary teacher I wanted to see what the impact was for the primary grade students on a strategy that I use everyday. Read aloud seems like something so easy to do I never realized that primary grades do not do that.
Modeling Through Read-Alouds: Students who struggle with reading seem to understand better if the book is read-aloud to them. The teachers make the book more interesting which helps the student comprehend the text better. Teachers ask open ended questions during read aloud. This is important because it helps the students understand why we are reading what we are reading. Also, during read alouds the teacher will introduce new vocabulary or new strategies to help with understanding reading. Modeling by the teacher is the most important piece of read alouds. Students understand more of how a good reader thinks and understand the text the more it is modeled and the only way to be properly modeled is through read alouds. …show more content…

As a teacher myself I make sure to make all my read alouds interactive. As you read you stop and ask questions hoping the students are engaged. The lower readers are always more engaged during read aloud then when asked to read themselves. As a teacher I must know where my students are they need be and plan the read aloud

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