The Beneficence Of Ethical Decision Making In Healthcare

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Ethical Decision Making
Making the moral right decision is never seen on paper. What could be seen as the right thing to do, may not be the right thing for other people. Also, making decisions and then having to face them later on, can impose a difficult problem for many people. Many of us have made a decision that we end up regretting later on. In the healthcare field, decision making could be life and death of a patient
1.Problems at the Veterans Affairs (VA) with ethical decision making.
Nearly most of the problems that have arisen at the VA are not only bad scheduling practices that resulted in extremely longer wait times, putting certain veterans before others, but also death to veterans who had to wait for care. Also, there is a lack of ethical culture, but beneficence, justice, nonmaleficence, self-sufficiency as well as confidentiality that was forgotten is this case (McWay, 2014). The beneficence and nonmaleficence are the most important of ethics (McWay, 2014). First, beneficence is to make available good and nonmaleficence means to do no harm whatsoever (McWay, 2014). Also, justice can include the responsibility of fairness, honesty, and in essence treating all patients
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