Importance Of Dress Codes In Schools

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Dress Codes Should dress codes be in schools? I vote no. Schools shouldn’t have a dress code, and here is why. Sexism, girls seem to be the only ones getting in trouble for their clothing. Our clothing is another way to express our feelings and to show people who we are. Girls are also different shapes and sizes so clothes don’t fit the same. The last thing I want to talk about is the money spent on making sure your clothes fit the dress code. Throughout this essay I will show why each of these examples are crushing girls’ self-esteem. The sexism problem is that many schools are targeting girls for violations and having dress code restrictions that sexualize students and make them seem like objects instead of humans with bodies. No one is telling male students that their shorts need to be a certain length or that they can’t bare their shoulders. The sexism in dress codes is atrocious, and it perpetuates rape culture by teaching girls that it’s their…show more content…
Some say that outfits that accentuate the figure aren’t for “certain women.” It just looks, well, too sexy and vulgar in a way, the way some material cling to a woman of a bigger build. For example; it’s starting to get colder outside. That means leggings for most girls. A young lady was working for a paper company in mid-December. It’s cold so she decided to wear leggings and a nice scarf, I mean why not the other women were wearing it. The lady walked in to work and sat down at her desk. She was later called into the manager’s office and told that her outfit was inappropriate for the work place. She told the manager that other women were wearing the same thing. He replied with, “but your built different.” If you make a dress code apply it to everyone. Women are being body shamed by people telling them they can’t wear the same thing that other girl is wearing because they don’t have the shape for it. Do you agree with me yet that dress codes should be
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