Importance Of Dress Code Essay

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Dress code
First impression is important when you are meeting someone for the first time, especially during a business meeting. Usually, the first impression will be determined from the dressing. Your dressing not only represents your image, but also the image of the company. Sometimes, first impression can also decide whether one can clinch the deal during a business meeting. Therefore, being in the appropriate dress code is crucial.
In China, the appropriate dress code for men is business suit with light coloured shirt and tie. Men should go for conservative colours such as navy blue, charcoal and dark grey. They should avoid wearing white as white is the colour worn during a funeral in China and this include their socks. Tie should be of neutral colour and not with excessive patterns; simple patterns such as polka dots and stripes are acceptable. Bright colours are also considered inappropriate during a business meeting. For shoes, men should go for black leather business shoes with black socks. A matching leather belt should also be worn. A suitable accessory for men will be a watch. Men should also avoid showing tattoo or piercing if they have one.
For women, the appropriate dress code is business suit with long sleeved blouse and stockings. In China, skirts are preferred rather than trousers as it looks more professional. Women can also go for dress, however they should go for high necklines and the hem of the dress should be below the knee. They should refrain from wearing short sleeved, bare backs or low-cut blouses and also anything that is revealing as the Chinese do not like women with too much of exposure. Just like men, women should also go for conservative colours such as black, dark grey and avoid bright colours. F...

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...rp as it symbolizes severing relations. The giver should also avoid giving green hats and caps to married men as it suggests that the wife is unfaithful. Other items not to give includes fan and umbrella as it has a similar pronunciation with the word ‘separation’ in Chinese. Refrain from wrapping the gifts in white or black coloured papers as they are colours associated with death. Suitable colours will be red, silver or gold as the Chinese are fond of these colours.
In China, gift giving is usual when you are doing business with Chinese businessmen. Gift is expected from the guest or someone with a lower rank to show courteous and respect for the recipient. Not giving a gift will make one seems impolite and uncultured. However, it is also important to present the appropriate gift to the recipient or it can result in unhappiness or even ruining the relationship.

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